Build community for new parents.

Blossom wants to be there for the mom and her family when in need. Your donation helps us keep our facility open and be a nonjudgmental and welcoming place for new parents.

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Build Community, Expand Access to Resources and Support the creation of Healthy Families!

Life in Silicon Valley can be quite hard on new families. In the months leading up to their child's birth and into the postpartum period many women are facing isolation, a lack of support and little to no access to a community. Blossom has been a safe haven for many of our new families since 1999. Your donation helps us make an impact in the lives of infants, toddlers and the adults who care for them.

When a mother or father walks through the doors at Blossom our priority is to provide them with compassion and support. They may need to:

  • use the bathroom by themselves
  • find a nice quiet spot to nurse their baby
  • voice their concerns about how they are feeling after their birth
  • get info on which childbirth class is right for them
  • recharge with a yoga class

We are here for it all and walk alongside the families who bring Blossom along with them on the pregnancy and parenting journey.

Think back to your birth and shortly after your newborn arrived. Were you supported the way you wanted? Wouldn't it have been nice to have the support of a place like Blossom. Make a donation today to ensure a supportive community sticks around for many years to come and give access to these resources for many other families in the Bay Area.

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