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Many families come to the Silicon Valley from far away. Help keep the community strong for new families and prevent isolation and depression in new moms.

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From the moment one sees the plus sign on the pregnancy test, signs adoption papers or has confirmation of a successful implantation, life changes. For many, those changes accompany life in a new city often without the support of family or friends and so they begin searching, just like Marie-Clare:

"This spring I suddenly lost my mother midway through my first pregnancy. Finding myself without the supportive wisdom I had hoped to rely on, my husband and I moved to Palo Alto, on an instinct and a prayer.

Encouraged by my sister-in-law, I soon biked over to Blossom for my first prenatal yoga class, a habit I would continue past my estimated due date. Call it intuition, but the moment I entered the barn doors, I felt certain I'd found a community I could grow with. Each teacher had an easy openness about the details of pregnancy and birth, which I found infinitely helpful; especially as I was at a loss. As the months passed, Blossom became more than commiserative exercise, it became a resource for insight and growth. Joining the support groups offered, I soon found the mother-mentor I had been looking for. My husband and I hired her as our birth doula and with her help, we welcomed our little girl Daphne over the summer. Going through the pregnancy and birth process without this support is now inconceivable to me. I am incredibly grateful to Blossom for filling the fissures in my motherhood journey with friendship, wisdom, and strength."

Stories like Marie's abound at Blossom because just as we were at the founding of the organization, we continue to be a community-based organization that is vital to the quality of life in Silicon Valley. It's never been light work, but it's sure been meaningful and valuable.

In the past year Blossom:

  1. Continued serving the Palo Alto community, without an interruption in service even when faced with the need to relocate to the Barron Park neighborhood.
  2. Hired a new Executive Director, Dominique Vincent.
  3. Served over 1,100 families from more than 38 Bay Area cities.
  4. Launched a Community Yoga program that now offers classes 5 days per week.

And we know we can do so much more together!

With you as our partner, we can embark on changing the lives of so many more in the Bay Area. Blossom will remain a safe space where new parents can gather to explore, learn and grow, but with your support, we can also affect the lives of many others in the Bay Area who wouldn't normally have access to a community resource center like Blossom.

Blossom clients represent an underserved part of our community - mothers and families on their pregnancy and new parenting journeys. In addition, anyone who comes looking for services is accommodated to the best of our ability - we never turn anyone in need away. We are always looking to support others in line with our mission. Just this year Blossom and the people we serve have provided: diapers to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, regularly gifted items to the Ecumenical Hunger Program in East Palo Alto and over the summer we donated 100 Ayzh Clean Birth Kits that were delivered to a facility in Tamil Nadu, India this October.

Blossom makes an impact both locally and abroad and we hope you will join other donors when making your year end gifts. Together we can maintain the vital services that Blossom provides and remain a thriving center where expectant and new families come to be supported in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

With gratitude,

Dominique Vincent
Executive Director
Blossom Birth Service

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